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The other day I was administering some of our web servers at the datacenter. I ran into an issue I had no good way of knowing how many people were on the webserver before issuing an iisreset. The iisreset command restarts the web service and kicks all active users off. Currently on windows you can open the performance monitor and check the number of web service active connections but this is a lengthly process.

So I did some googling for any product or program that would allow me to do this quickly. I found nothing and decided to write one myself. I called it IIS reporter and it does exactly that, it reports on the current status of IIS.

Currently it shows:
Number of active connections
Number of anonymous connections
Free Memory
Pages per second
Users per second

This app is a VB .NET app writen in Visual Studio 2003. I have created a gotdotnet workspace that includes source code.

IIS Reporter Dot Net Workspace – you can join the development team


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  1. Hi,

    Can you eaither provide or point me to definitions of
    IIS Users / sec
    IIS Connections
    IIS Connections / Sec

    I want ot make sure I understand this. When I ran the reporter it showed:
    87,554 IIS USers / sec
    40 IIS Conn.
    3 IIS Anonymous users

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