Myth TV update

Well I have MythTv about 80% of where I would like it to be. I realized that I should swap the machine it was running on, to another box I had around the house. This did not go so well. KnoppMyth, the distrobution I chose for my mythtv did not support Dual processors. The machine I am going to be using has dual P3 cpu’s. So I had to do a few things. First, I made a ghost image of my current working system (for backup) . Then installed that ghost image on to the new dual processor machine. It failed over and over. So that is when I decided to go forward with a install from scratch.

I decided to go with Fedora Core 3 as the base and then roll KDE in with Myth TV. So far I have everything installed (KDE, MYSQL, WEBMIN, and the Myth Package) but I have not configured to verify it it works.

I will keep all posted.

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  1. I did remember searching for fedora and MythTv early on and reading a great faq. I think that Jarod’s is the one. I am going to have to follow this now. It looks like I have already done most of start of the guide.. So hopefully it will go well.

    Thank you for the link. This one will go in my bookmarks.

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