I have been finishing up on my install of mythtv. If you are not familure witht his you should read up here Myth Tv is a Tivo like os and system that is free. I have build an earlier version and had not used it for a while, due to a bad hard drive. So I got the sytem out, an old athalon 1.3 ghz machine w/ 256 meg of ram and tried a new distro, KnoppMyth. It is a Knoppix based MythTv distrobution. You can read up on it at I plan on writing all about it once I have it finished and working the way I would like it to. My goals are:

1. Watch TV
2. Record TV
3. Record TV remotely
4. Playback / stream recorded shows.
5. Use Remote on system
6. use system as juke box

So far is have 1, 2, and 3 completed.

I will have more later

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