SpyWare – Here4search.com – Part 2

I finally got this infected machine cleaned. My magic potion of software goodies ended up as:

1. Install firefox – this way the here4search would not take over every web page
2. Download – lavasoft ad aware (did not do too much) – somehow machine would reboot upon scan
3. Download – Microsoft’s Anti-Spy ware – this found and removed everything (Great work MS)
4. Removed Corrupted norton 2003 (out of subscription) installed AVG by Grifsoft for virus scan
5. Ran virus scan and MS anti spyware till machine was free and clean.
6. Updated OS to XP Sp2
7. Installed Zone Alarm
8. Set nightly cleaning schedules for both Virus scan and Spyware.

Once this was all done the machine was running fantastic. I just wish we could keep the trojans, virus’s, and spyware off innocent machines. Because I end up having to fix them for friends and family…..

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