Tax Time – Turbo Tax vs Tax Cut

It is tax time again. I am probably one of the strange ones out there. I like doing my taxes, well I like the challenge of it, not the idea behind it. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like giving my money to anyone. But, what tax time does for me is to see where and what I have going on. More to the point, I had to decide this year which program to use: Turbo Tax or Tax Cut. I have used both in the past and until last year was exclusively using Turbo Tax. Last year, Turbo tax decided to add a product activation that would be placed onto your machine. As far as I am concerned this is spyware and even more, they did not tell you about it. (past articles regarding this) . So last year I went with Tax Cut and was really happy, it is cheaper and was just as easy to use. This year, I started to do some reasearch and went with Turbo Tax. I found a few reviews that placed TT over Tax cut (LINK HERE)
Now if I could just have a way to make more money then I would hire someone to do this for me. Happy Tax Season.

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