Month: February 2005

Soccer on US TV

Ok I am finally going to rant. I can’t get any Soccer on TV. I currently pay a ton of money for cable TV each month. My current plan does not come with espn 2 or foxsports net. Now most of you out there would probably say that is not so bad. But if you are a soccer fan, those are …

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WordPress 1.5 is out

WordPress has released their new version 1.5. WordPress is the blog software I use to run It is a great application and my hat goes off to the developers. One thing I hope to get out of the upgrade (I will be upgrading this weekend) is to be able to control spam. I’ll keep everyone posted on the upgrade.

Phillips Senseo

I frequently listen to Adam Curry and his podcast the Daily Source Code. He has often mentioned his love of the philips Senseo coffee maker. So I decided this weekend I was going to get one. And I have to admit, this is one great coffee maker. The Philips Senseo is a single coffee maker that uses pods to allow you …

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Tourney Logic – Pool

My friend Joel has opened up a tourney on his site He has some good info on his blog Joel has created program with a bracket control, for tournaments. You can visit

RSS Screen Saver

I have been working on a screen saver for IIS reporter. In doing research for that I made / modified a C# (Visual studio 2005) demo for and RSS screen saver. This screen saver is build in Visual C# express and uses the .net framework 2.0. It will take a selected RSS feed and display it as a screen saver. You …

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Music – Shooter Jennings

I have found the next album I am going to purchase. I am not sure if Itunes carry’s his label. But Shooter Jennings ( has his first record out. The son of the late great Waylon Jennings and Jesse Colter. Shooter has a sound that is a mix between Rock and Roll and that fantastic Country Rock that I like. I …

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Connection Strings

I was reading Joel’s blog the other day and noticed he had a linke to a site called What a great site. I could have used this information a few hundred times already. Just thinking back on some recent projects, when I had to search for some old code for google for some code on how to connect to a …

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I was thinking a while back how difficult it would be to learn how to use the .NET platform if I did not have the Visual Studio IDE interface. It go me thinking and searching for some alternatives. I did remember that you could use webmatrix I have never used Web Matrix but it seems like it would do the …

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Death of the album

I keep reading blogs with people talking about the death of the album. In fact on slashdot they have a story HERE from the Washington Post about the death of CD’s. The idea is that we can all make our plastic (cd’s , dvd, tapes) and we will no longer buy them. For some reason this just not sit well with …

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Migration to

I have finally completed the move from to You can get to the sourceforge page at this link: So far I have been really happy with the sourceforge location. I ended up udating my CVS to use sourceforge. I am currently using both SourceSafe and TortoiseCVS. Just to let you know how much I am enjoying sourceforge. I …

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