AOL Standalone Browser

I do a lot of coding for web sites and web applications. One of the major issues we have is the way an app or site renders in a particular browser. For example, a site that uses
tags will render entirely different in Firefox / Mozilla than in I.E. This often becomes a problem with usability.

So when AOL announced their new Stand Alone browser, I did not hesitate to download and try. So far I am impressed. It seems to be build on the I.E. platform. However, it operates much like Firefox. I am a current firefox user and do not plan on leaving. Firefox has too many features to leave. But I digress, this is about the new AOL browser. In no way, am I saying I would switch to AOL but it does make testing easier.

the new browser has the tab features of firefox, and also the slide out sidebar like mozilla. I also noticed a new thumbnail utility that displays visually your history when you hover over the back button. And also displays the thumbnail when you hover over the tab listings. I really like that feature, you can tell at a glance where you are going when you hit the back button.

So far the browser is only in beta, but I really enjoyed. it. You can download it here –

Happy AOL’ing…

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