At the Tone the Time will be – Sorry No time

I finally found out some information about the local time number. You know, the number you could call and a nice lady would come on and tell you what time it was. After some research I found out that SBC Michigan has discontinued the service. I first found out about this from my wife. She was complaining that the “time lady” as she calls her, was not available. I just figured there was some kind of a technical problem. But come to find out SBC Michigan turned the service off. Stating that the use of the service was delcining. Here is an article from woodtv8 .

After 75 years they just turned the service off, with out even a notice to all the customers. I can’t say that I have ever called the time service on my own, but like I said my wife does. SBC claims that the usage of this service has declined due to the use of Cell phones, Atomic clocks, and televisions. Well call me crazy, but if you did not have a cell phone and the power went out, wouldn’t some people still rely on the service. Oh well, just chalk this one up as a lost service.

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