Mobile Devices

Well I have been searching for the perfect mobile device. Cell phone, handheld, and web browsers. Let me tell you that I have not found it yet. This all started with the need for a new cell phone.

After testing a Palm Treo 600, and the black berry I decided that they were not up to par yet. So I took matters into my own hands.

What I wanted was one device, what I got was a few devices that did everything.

First let me discuss my current setup.
Phone : Sony Ericsson T616
Sony Phone
Service : ATT Wireless – Now Cingular GSM with Data plan
Handheld : HP Ipaq 2210
Wirless card : Linksys Compaq Flash 802.11b
Headset : Jabra BT250

I like this setup because the T616 is very small and I am able to keep it in my pocket, and you would never know I had a phone on me. It has blue tooth so I can connect to the web through both the handheld and my laptop. This is the most handy part. The data plan allows for speeds up to 100kps. Since the Ipaq is Windows Mobile 2003 it has almost a full version of IE and also terminal services. I can do almost all my work from that PDA. Between Webmail, SSH, and terminal services I am able to work even while on a business trip traveling in a car.

Some of the difficulties of this setup is :
The phone does not have a speaker phone
Have to carry mutiple devices
have to charge both pda and phone
Configuring internet access through phone using laptop and pda — I’ll write more on this later.

Cheap – The Treo was quite expensive
Large screen – the Ipaq has a nice screen and w/ 802.11b card, I am able to work at coffee shop.
Compatable with almost everything. Since the Ipaq runs windows it is easy to connect to sites.
Ipaq can do mutiple things – act as mp3 player, mobile video, and IM

So that is my current setup. I will be demoing a treo 650 once Cingular has that for an option.

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