Music – Shooter Jennings

I have found the next album I am going to purchase. I am not sure if Itunes carry’s his label. But Shooter Jennings ( has his first record out. The son of the late great Waylon Jennings and Jesse Colter.

Shooter has a sound that is a mix between Rock and Roll and that fantastic Country Rock that I like. I guess that Shooter has made appearences as the lead singer for Guns and Roses in the past. I just read some articles about him and his move from Rock’n roll to more of a country sound.

That is fine by me. Since I like all kinds of music and tend to fall into the HillBilly rock section more often then not.

His new album – Put the O back in country is good. However I have only heard 2 songs. Just did a search on Itunes. No luck, guess I am going to have to find another source. You can listen to one of his songs HERE.

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