Phillips Senseo

I frequently listen to Adam Curry and his podcast the Daily Source Code. He has often mentioned his love of the philips Senseo coffee maker. So I decided this weekend I was going to get one. And I have to admit, this is one great coffee maker.

The Philips Senseo is a single coffee maker that uses pods to allow you to brew a quick cup of coffee. It takes about 60 seconds to make a hot cup of coffee. All you you have to do is add some water and then put the coffee pods in. I am not what you call a coffee nut. In fact, I just started drinking coffee in the last 2 years. So this is my first coffee maker at home. So far, I love it. The one thing that I had decided to do is purchase a refillable pod for this thing. I ordered one off ebay and will let you know about how it works. This way my wife can make some tea’s with this thing.

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