Picasa – The image application

I have been thinking of the best piece of software I have every used. It probably has boiled down to most recently Firefox and Picasa. Unless you have been living under a rock you probably know about firefox. So Let me tell you a bit about Picasa.

Picasa was recently purchased by google (which I believe is the best application provider around). Picasa is an application for you to organize, sort, edit, print, send and search your images. If you are like me and have thousands of pictures saved on your hard drive. This is the application for you. It slices, dices and everything else.

I have taught my wife how to use it. We can edit images, remove red eye, add effects and almost anything else. Not to mention you can make all kinds of other things, like posters, and collages, and slide shows. If you have not tried this application you should give it a whirl. Just download and install and all of a sudden after some searching all your pictures will be organized by a timeline and you will visually have a great picture book.

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