Visual Studio 2003 and Visual Studio Beta1 on the same machine – Auto-Attach error

I have installed visual studio Beta1 and found some issues when developing in the VS2003 IDE.
Specifically when trying to debug or compile. The exact error looks like : “Auto-attach to process ‘aspnet_wp.exe’ on machine failed”
After some googling I was able to find my issue. The main problem is that the app I am deleloping was using IIS and the specific IIS virtual directory was using the wrong / new version of framework. To correct this issue you will have to do the following:

1. Determine the IIS virtual directory you are using for this specific applicaiton
Here is my example info
Example : IISusers
IIS Manager

Open iismanager in the MMC
Go to the specific Virtual Directory
Right click and open properties

2. Select the tab
It will currently be set the the 2.0 framework
IIS Manger before

3. Change the Framework to 1.1.4322.0
IIS manage after
4. restart iis
Open a command prompt (start | run | cmd)
type iisreset

This should correct that issue. So far I am enjoying the new beta.

I found a few other solutions – Here this solution uses the regiis settings to remove 2.0 mapping from IIS. I decided that I may develop in the beta and did not want to remove all associations, so I chose to only remove it for the virtual directory. Have fun with the new version of VS. So far I installed it for the screensaver RSS reader. I have made some updates and will post it here when done.

3 thoughts on “Visual Studio 2003 and Visual Studio Beta1 on the same machine – Auto-Attach error”

  1. The code given above is really helpful and solved my problem ,…thanks buddy.,…..keep it up….!!!!

  2. Hi jim,

    unfortunately, this article did not work for me. I am using .net 2003 architecth edition (full release – not a beta!) and installed .net 2005 express.

    Was really hopeful when I read the article.

    Thanks anyway.


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