Final Blade Story

Well it is almost over. I may actually have a new server by the middle of next week. We never did get a working 1655mc server, even after another batch of parts. So dell is now sending a new servers to replace our broken ones. I hope this works.

I can only give Dell credit. Their support staff is great. I have got tons of calls from people who are generally concerned about our issue. I even had a tech who stayed extra hours to help make these things work. So my hat goes off to Dell, I will buy another and will stick with Them.

On a side note, we had another Dell (new one) also go bad this week. On Tuesday our brand new 1850 lost a motherboard. So dell got us another one right away, however the raid controler on that box was flawed. So a new raid card had to be sent as well. Once again, great work Dell support. They were able to ship parts in less than an hour to our location and a tech was there in 2 hours.

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