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I have been a huge gmail fan since I got my first account. Now that gmail is up to 2 gigs of space how can you resist. I have been thinking of ways to utilize my gmail account other than an aggregator for thoughts, files, and other email accounts. I finally decided to try and use the system for email relaying. I have posted earlier my gadget setup, but I had not found a great way to get company email. Now, by utilizing my gmail account, I am able to pickup my email via wap, on my cell phone.

To do this I found two systems that would possibly work. One is a hosted service called
Gmail Wireless – The other is an application called
Gmail-mobile –

The first, Gmail Wireless is a site that you enter in your Gmail info and then access that site for your mail and information. The one thing I did not like about this solution, is that you have to enter your information into an unknown system. Not that I don’t trust the group, it is just I did not like that idea.

I finally decided to use the second option, Gmail-mobile. Gmail-mobile is a php application, that you install on your server with libgmail –

You can access it here I can now forward email from the office to my gmail account and access via this wap enabled link. I did have this all wrapped in an ssl, but there seem to be issues with ssl and some versions of wap.

During my searching I found a few other interesting gmail links.

Gmail-Lite –

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  1. I have been using the site for a while and have to give it great reviews. You should not be afraid to try this service. Even though I cannot comment on the security of the site, I have noticed any issues.


  2. Need to access my gmail on my mobile, tried and it works fantastic, its actually faster than the email client that sony put on my mobile, but its give you alot more control. its dynamic navigation rather than linear.

  3. thanks for the tip, movamail works with my Yahoo, Gmail, and AOL account. pretty fast, only thingis you need to check three mailboxes it does not aggregate all your accounts in one.

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