Wireless Extensions

I have been working on 2 wireless projects recently. One is for myself and the other is for a client.
A client is in need of blanketing his office and home with wireless access to share his DSL line. To ensure that the space, over 200 Meters is covered, I used a modified Linksys Wireless router.

I chose the Linksys WRT54GV2 and a modified firmware. If you have not read up on this model of the linksys, it has been opened up to the opensource community. I chose the, Tailsman Firmware (www..sveasoft.com). It updates all the features on the linksys and also allows the boost of power to the wireless antenna. So you can effectively increase the range with out any equipment. The Tailsman firmware costs 20 bucks, but is well worth it. There is also a few free versions of other firmware that also work well, but I have found Sveasoft’s to be the most stable. Check it out if you have a Linksys WRT54G

The other wireless project is personal. I spend a lot of time in Holland, Michigan at my wife’s faimly’s vacation cottage. Infact, my wife moves out there 5 days a week in the summer. When we are there, I have no internet access. I have tried using my moble setup, but since it is close to the beach and on the wrong side of a very large dune, my Cingular service is sketchy. So this year I am going to be utilizing one of the neighbors’s wireless network and DSL line. The building is a fair distance away and I am working on a Can Antenna to beam the signal across to a repeater. I am going to be using the Linksys WRE54G.
This will allow me to have an access point in my wife’s cottage.
I will keep you updated.

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