Google – Sitemaps and Search History

Well I finally got around to looking at google sitemaps (googlesitemaps). If you don’t already have a google account (gmail acount also) just register for one. I have been wanting to test this service out. So I embarked on creating a simple xml (sitemap based file) for this site. I downloaded the python script and started to run it. I do like python but figured since I was running windows and did not have python on this computer I would do some looking. I found a great application called Gsitemap (
It is a little .net app that lets you use a gui to make a google sitemap file. The nice part about this is you can do mutiple sites quickly.

One thing to mention is that I found the software on my work computer. When I got home and wanted to try it. I googled for about 15 min and could not find any reference to it. Then I got to thinking, I could just use my google search history. And so, I kicked myself for being stupid and found the link and download in less than a min. Way to go Google.

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