News and More news

This week I have been able to see and test a lot of new programs.
1. google earth ( Essentially it is keyhole (a program google purchased) on crack. They added all the great features of google maps to this sat image program. If you have not tried it, go download. It’s free.
2. Google Video player. I had heard about this earlier this month from some blog site. Google released a VLC (video Lan client) that is called the google video player. It is pretty good. I have used the vlc client before (also had some issues with the vls – video lan server.. but that is a different story) . If you have not tried this software you should give it a whirl. I use it to stream DVD’s at work to people who may want to watch.
3. Itunes new release – it has a podcasting manager in it. I have downloaded and installed but have not tried the new feature. Looks nice and easy to use like most apple applications.
4. AJAX support in .net 2.0. I read a story on slashdot about upcoming client side javascript (AJAX) being built into 2.0 framework.

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