TechEd 2005 – Some things learned

I had a great week at teched. Here is a quick summary of some interesting things I learned.

Architecture program from microsoft. Microsoft has an architecture advisory board. I met a member of that board at TechEd – Jim Wilt. You can read more here

IIS 7.0 – Is too long in coming and has all of us Admins waiting and drooling over the features

GotDotNet – They are funded by MS and will be updating their site and systems soon. The guys there know of their current issues and plan on making a better solution

VS Search – I meet some of the developers for VS2005 search and they will have a community search system that will allow you to search for code from some of your favorite code sites.

Great new software tools, to make my life easier – too many to mention here. I will have to update my favorite software list once I get a change to install and test each one.

VS2005 – can’t wait for this to launch. There are so many features that I can use to make my life easier. Master pages, the option to use code behind pages or not. Intelisense that works almost anywhere, Design mode “will not change your code”.

SQL2005 – Too many things to talk about here. 1st – They gave all TechEd attendees a free copy. (That was not cheap). The ability to expose data via HTTP or https on the sql server with out IIS. You can almost code a full featured site in just SQL.

And the final thing. Microsoft knows how to throw a party. They rented out Universal Studios. Yes the theme park.

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