TechEd 2005 – Update 2

I have been so busy here in Orlando, I have not been able to post any more info. I have attended so many sessions and Cabana’s that I am overwhelmed.
First things first, IIS 7.0 will rock. They have taken a modular approach to how you can configure and extend IIS. This allows an administrator to either lockdown a server by removing specific components or allows a developer to add specific components on either a particular website or a vitual web space. They have done a ton of work with the admin tool, it too is much easier to use and also delegate rights. I will post some examples of a config file with my next entry.
One down side is that IIS 7.0 is not due to be released until 2006 w/ Longhorn. I hope there may be a chance to get some type of feature pack on iis6 that would contain some of the new features.

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