Coding, working, and running

Well take all the above items and mix them up and you have what I have been up to. I have been coding a lot more lately, trying to get a new version of iisreporter out and also working on some custom dev software for a friend.

Work has been very stressful. We have a lot going on and a few upcoming deadlines. Visit the site soon and I will have to link out to our newest launch next week.

Running. Well this week I have been a bit lax on running. Since my 14/15 miler last weekend I have played 2 soccer games. One on Sunday right after the long run and the other on Tuesday. So I decided to take Monday and Wed off from running. Tonight, I was really tired and ready to go to sleep, but decided to go for a run with my sister-inlaw and brother-inlaw. I put in a nice 4.5 miler.

It’s funny that I can say 4 miles is a short run. I can remember the day of never going over 4 miles.

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