Month: November 2005

Great Read

Well I was on Digg and ran across this post. The top 10 things to do for mom’s PC Everything on the list is so true. The things missed were, how to also help your siterin-law and brother-in-law, and how to remove all the spyware already on the box.

Wi-Fi Security Part 1 – what does your computer say about you.

As a follow up to my original post of watching some kid at a coffee shop sniff the wireless network for passwords, I am doing a wi-fi security series. In this post I will show wi-fi users how easy it is to gather information from other computers and users by just sniffing the network. I first must explain what “sniffing the …

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Wireless Network Security

My last blog post last week on Network Intrusion has generated a lot of traffic and emails. It was interesting to know that people actually read what I post. A lot of people responded in emails asking to know some more information on wireless security. I think this is due to the popularity of wi-fi, both in our municipalities and in …

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Google Site Map Information

Ever wonder what google index’s or does on your site? Well, here is some instructions on how to use this information. It is some very good info and interesting stats. Somewhat like google analytics.

Cingular PooPoo

Well I have finally decided to make the actual move from AT&T to Cingular. It is not that I am uhappy with AT&T wireless. It is just that they are no longer around. They are cingular. One issue I am having is that I have a family plan. I did not have one with AT&T but with cingular they label my …

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There has been so much talk in the news about AJAX these days. It is strange, I have heard that AJAX is the Microsoft Killer, the new technology, or the wave of the future. I personally think that it is a great method of using technology to speed up a web application and also extend the usability. It is hard for …

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I have been so busy at home and work I have not been blogging much. So I will try to pick up a bit. With .NET version 2.0 out I have been busy with updating IISREPORTER and the next version. I have to admit, 2.0 is awesome to develop with. So far, I keep hearing people say that it is too …

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