Microsoft Patterns and Practices

The Microsoft Patterns and practices is a useful control set for global logging, error handling and database connections. This tool set is great for development, but when you go to deploy it is not so fun.

I have added some references of how we were able to get Patterns and Practices on a production box.

One of the constraints of Patterns and Practices is that it requires / needs Visual Studio installed. This is great if you are developing on a box, but in the real world (i.e. Production boxes) you do not really want to install a development tool.

To make this happen you need to update a few things:
1. Move your compiled DLL files from your development box to the production box. This is everything under your C:\program files\Microsoft Enterprise Library\bin directory.

You need to move these files because it is not possible to build these dll files with out visual studio.

2. Modify the install script to accommodate for not having Visual Studio. I have made a few changes that just remove the 1) check for visual studio 2) change the path to the .NET framework folder.

The install service.bat (located at C:\program files\Microsoft Enterprise Library\src) needs some files out of the visual studio directory to register path settings. I have simply just removed a few statements and updated the path to use the .NET framework directory.

You can get a copy of the bat file here (installservice.bat.txt)

I hope this helps people trying to use Patterns and Practices.

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