Wireless Network Security

My last blog post last week on Network Intrusion has generated a lot of traffic and emails. It was interesting to know that people actually read what I post. A lot of people responded in emails asking to know some more information on wireless security. I think this is due to the popularity of wi-fi, both in our municipalities and in hotspots such as coffee shops. I is amazing to see where wi-fi is available. You can catch a hotspot anywhere in our little town of Grand Rapids. If you are interested in finding a HotSpot near you head on over to grwifi.net, James has a great site that allows users to rate and discuss wi-fi hot spots.

Since my last post I have been thinking of ways to respond to the emails and feedback I have received. I think it may be best to do a 2 part series on wireless security. The first part will be to show what kind of information your laptop our application is sharing on the wireless network. I will just briefly walk through some typical situations where you may be sharing more information then you know about. In part one; I will discuss the common applications that may share information. I will also discuss the tools used to gather that information, to show how easy it is for someone to steal.

The second part of the series, I plan on discussing and showing methods to help prevent unknowingly sharing information to others. This will include software applications and techniques for securing your applications and systems.

It is amazing to me how many people are unaware of what their computer or applications do on the network. In reality your computer is very chatty, it likes to send information and it is up to the user to help secure and limit the amount of information that is sent. In the next few blog posts, I hope to show people what they can do to secure, encrypt, and defend when using their computers.

To keep everyone up to date from my last post. I did go back to the wi-fi hotspot and did not see the kid their sniffing the wireless network. But, if I do see him I plan on confronting him head on. I have not seen a clear argument that Sniffing a network is illegal yet, and plan on doing more research. It feels like it is illegal, but in a sense it is not much different than listening to people talk in a room.

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