New cell phone – Cingular 2125

I just got a Cingular 2125 today. It rocks. I purchased this phone to replace my Audiovox 5600 that I got from cingular a week ago. I won’t go through the ugly details of my conversion from ATT wireless (the best provider) to cingular.

But, I can tell you that the 2125 is a great device. The reception is at least 4 times as powerful as the 5600. The screen resolution is unbelievable. The one thing that makes this phone a better device than the 5600 is the joystick tool rather than that rocker button.

If you are looking for a small windows 2005 device this is the one. It is a re-branded HTC phone, but appears to have all the fine qualities of the reliable 5600 and can be considered an upgrade. Cingular put their name on the device, and it has caused a lot of confusion for the customer service people, since the device is so new.

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