ISO tools

I seem to be doing more lately with ISO files. These are disk image files (Definition). I have had 2 instances in the last two days that I have needed to either burn an ISO image (CD and DVD) and also extract files from an ISO image. In the past I have just relied on gold old Nero to handle this for me. But I realized that I do not have that on all my computers. So here is a quick list of tools that work well with ISO images.

1. CD ISO burning software

Free – ISO Burner Powertoy (ISO burner) – this little application allows you to just right click on an ISO and send to your CD-R burner. It could not be any easier to do.

2. DVD ISO burning software

I am sure there are lots of programs out there but I was able to use Nero without any issues to create a DVD from an image file. It is fast and reliable

3. Extract specific files from an ISO image

I had an issue were I needed some files (specifically the i386 directory from W2k3) from an ISO image. You can extract files from an ISO with Daemon tools
. This tool set allows you to create a virtual CDrom or DVD drive on your computer.

I have to thank the guys I work with for suggesting Daemon tools. With these handy applications you can do a lot with ISO files.

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