Broadband Internet the switch to DSL

 I made the switch from Cable to DSL.  As a diehard Cable modem user for years, I think I had my current cable modem installed in 1999 with @home.  From Excite @home it went to ATT&T and now Comcast.  I have to say, that I have not had that much downtime in all those years.  That is until recently, when I started using VOIP more frequently.   Downtime was not my main reason for switching. I realized that a monthly bill from comcast that was over 90 bucks was too much money for what I needed.   I took a look and realized that I was paying 45.00 per month for internet access.  So I orderd DSL at 17.99 a month.  I am currently getting 1.5 down and 256-400 ish up. 

 I just did my bandwidth test and got 2.4 down and 417 up.  I recommend using speakeasy bandwidth tests for an accurate reading. 

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