US soccer

The US played today in the World Cup and Lost to Ghana.  It was a better game than their first, but it still hurts to see them  knocked out the the tourney.   I met a group for the first game to watch at a local pub.  It was interesting to hear the comments of each person there.  It was a mixture of some soccer players, people I work with, and a few clients.  There was a buz about the world cup and around soccer that I have not seen before from people that do not play.   Some of the topics got me thinking.  One person mentioned that the best athletes from the US are probably not going to play soccer. They will play another sport; football, basketball, or hockey.  This is probably due to money or popularity.   I had not thought about that before.  Could you imagine the speed and quickness of Bary Sanders on the soccer field.  Another great comment, was what if the US did win the tournament.  Could you imagine the resentment from other countries that the US would take over the worlds sport.  (That would never happen). 

I have been having a great time watching the cup this year.  So far I have only missed about 4 games.  I end up going home and watching the games (go tivo).

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