Mobile devices

I am a firm believer in mobile computing.  I have a pocket pc (that I only use at home).  It controls my home stereo and music.  I also have a cingular 2125 a “candy bar” style smart phone.  I really do appreciate this phone when I am out of town.

First, i went away for training last week for 4 days.  During the drive down I was able to respond to a few time sensitive emails using the outlook client.  Second, during the class we did not have any internet connectivity.  This turned out to be great for training (I learned a ton… more about that later).  It was horrible for work, thank goodness for my smart phone. I was able to just keep synchronizing to read email and respond.   I do have to say the phone is great for reading email, but writing is another thing.  I am horrible on that little keyboard.

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