IIS Control Panel – www.dotnetpanel.com

 I often get questions from .NET developers on where they should host.  If they should go with a dedicated server or virtual server.  The major issue that developers have is the price.  A shared hosting site is much cheaper than a Server. The advantages of the server are due to the ability to modify the settings of IIS and also the framework and security around applications.

To get around that there are a few options.  Many times a hosting provider gives the user a control panel to allow the end user to add items and configure their hosting site.  I have used and setup many control panels in the past on Linux and have not found many good options for IIS. 

I have tested Helm, Plesk, and IIS admin control panel.  Helm and Plesk are somewhat expensive and difficult to use.   IIS admin control pannel is free and has worked well in the past.  However I just recently came across dotnetpanel.  http://www.dotnetpanel.com.  Dotnetpanel allows you to have a robust saleable solution that will grow.  They also offer a free 10 site license for those who are interested. 

Some of the features that are really useful are:

The ability to have reseller accounts, users, and administrators

Full control or limit the control of IIS.

Additional software that the end user can install (DNN, Wiki, Community server, SQL 2005 and even SharePoint)  These are powerful features from a hosting panel.

Give it a try and see how powerful of a solution this could be for you office or company.  The pricing on extended options is also very affordable.

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