Sad day in .net world

It is a sad day.  I just found out that GotDotNet ( will be shutting down.  You can read their reasons on the site.  They plan to shut down my favorite section (user samples) on May 22.  I have used that site many times as a great place to get code samples or tutorials.  I really hate to see it go.  They state that is may be a redundant site with all the other .net community sites out there.  I’m not sure of any the other sites (codeplex or codezone) have the same type of content.

I can remember meeting the team from gotdotnet at TechEd and seeing how excited they were to finally be part of the Microsoft Team (I still have the t-shirt they gave out).   I remember talking with them regarding the GDN workspaces, and how I felt it was unreliable to host a project there.  Infact, I had just moved IISreporter from a gdn workspace to sourceforge the week before teched.    They were really eager to hear my reasoning for moving.

I am going to miss the site.  Oh, to remember the days where .TEXT was a workspace and code sample.

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