Tax Time again

I do love tax time.  Not sure why, I think it is because I used to work at a accounting firm.

Once again I get to choose a tax software.  I have been using TaxCut for the past 2 years and started to wonder if I should switch back to turbotax.  I migrated to TaxCut when turbotax added a piece of software that got into your bios and did someother fun things to ensure you did not get pirated copies.  I did not like the idea of a software writing things on my harddrive and such.  So about 2 years ago I switched to TaxCut.  So I did some research this year to see who is better.  Some things I found both from Money Magazine and online is that TaxCut is the winner this year.
Both on price and simplicity.  From what I can find TurboTax does more hand holding and looks nicer but that was not enough for it to beat out the cheaper product (TaxCut).  I also found there is one other player in the market, I just can’t remember the name or link.  They were substantially cheaper but did not get that high of reviews.
So happy tax season. (I am purchasing TaxCut today)

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