Xserver for windows

For those of you who have linux machines at home and use windows at work here is a great way for you to have your linux apps on your windows machine.  I typically find myself needing a simple app written for linux but only have a windows machine handy.  I have a linux box at home and can connect via ssh, but have often wanted to have xwin. 

I use a windows X Windows server application called xming (http://www.straightrunning.com/XmingNotes/)

and a connection / configuration manager called xconnect (http://www.c3d-vr.com/xconnect/)

to connect to the remote box I use ssh and putty for windows.

 To use you just install xming then run xconnect in passive mode.  Connect to your linux box via ssh (set the X11 forward option) and then run an app like xeyes.  Behold your program is now on windows.


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