This is a great read.  A user lost his internet access from Comcast for using too much bandwidth.,1895,2111373,00.asp

How much bandwidth is too much.  In the article comcast actually responded with a great “non answer”.   Something to the effect that he was using more than 100,000 times the average user.  Well I hate to say it, but I probably use near 100 times the normal user.  I backup all my stuff online (images, videos, music), every day. I have a few boxes I host that I move my data to.  I download videos, I stream music to my remote locations, and also video.  My internet connection is doing work when I sleep.

So my main concern is, since I have a comcast line for 3megabit, and they are telling me I can only use it like a 56k modem, should I be worried about this article?   What’s next, if I start using my broadband internet to deliver all my TV, will that go over my allocation. (more information)

I guess what I am worried about is the possibility of losing my internet connection.  You may ask why that is such a big deal?  Well, I have my telephone through our broadband, I do business (VPN and remote access to work) from my cable modem, I keep in contact with my family (share pictures, video, and songs).

If there is a limitation to what I can use, I want to know. I’ll pay more if I have to, but I would probably just monitor my consumption.  Which I already do, I am using MRTG and wallwatcher with my Linksys router.

I wonder if this usage will change as the telcom’s get into selling more broadband.  I already pay an arm and leg for access, can’t imagine what it will be in the future.

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