Month: May 2007

IIS Compression

Here is a great article on how to setup and configure compression in IIS 6.0 I have used IIS compression many times to decrease bandwidth and improve end user performance.

Social Media

Great post on (  Discussing how social media will / could change how we get information.  To some extent I agree with the post, but I do still like my Sunday paper (old school media) to catch up on local information and also to have something physical to read.  

Backup – Backup – Backup

Last week I lost my hard drive in my laptop.  The everyday laptop that I use for almost everything.  It was about 1 month old (new dell D820 laptop).   The drive in the laptop is nice a 7200 RPM (SATA) drive, but have seen some failures (Dell forums).   The drive completely died, no data recovery. The ironic part of this hard …

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