Month: August 2007

Web Tools

I use some sites frequently to view site information. (site information and lookup) (what is that site running) (what technology is use on a site)

Small Form Factor PC

I am always on the lookout for a small form factor PC. I have reduced the number of machines in my home down to 2 machines.  Our home PC and my wife’s laptop.  What I have found is that I need one more (linux) machine to do tasks.  Things like email archiving, scanning, and forensics.  To make this work I have …

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Backup Backup Backup

I have had my hard drive fail.  In fact I have had a lot of drives fail.  This may be a shock to people but hard drives fail.  They have moving parts and run at high speeds so they will fail.  What frustrates me is how many people do not backup.  There are so many tools that automate backups and make …

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Memory and google

I recently started a project where I had to stream a live audio broadcast for a church.  I have done live audio streaming in the past (few years back).  I was in the middle of setting up the Windows Media Server and could not remember how to get the system to take a “push” broadcast.  Push is the method where an …

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Vista Updates (Pre SP1)

I have been using vista for a bit now.  I have not been too impressed.  A few great features are locked in vista.  Many things that are added are items I never use (Sidebar, graphics, etc…) the look and feel stuff.  One thing that came with vista was a performance hit.  I have a Dell 820 with 2 gig ram and …

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Blackjack review – 1st week

The first week of using the blackjack has shown me that a full keyboard is really useful.  In the past my previous smart phone (Cingular 2125) did not have the full keyboard, and I would typically use it for just reading email.  Now I have found myself being productive when not having my computer by being able to respond using the …

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Windows Corrupt installation files

If you are like me you probably are installing some freeware apps and also some new beta software to try.  You have no doubt ran across an installation error or corruption, either adding or removing these programs.   Microsoft has release a tool that will help fix corrupted installs or removals.  The Microsoft Installer Cleanup Utility is located here (   Here …

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I have always been a fan of compression on IIS.  I have written a few posts on how to actually do compression on IIS6 and II5 (   The problem with the built in compression is that you do not get any stats or results of what is actually happening.   The team over at ripcordsoftware put together a great application called IISxpress.  …

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