Blackjack review – 1st week

The first week of using the blackjack has shown me that a full keyboard is really useful.  In the past my previous smart phone (Cingular 2125) did not have the full keyboard, and I would typically use it for just reading email.  Now I have found myself being productive when not having my computer by being able to respond using the phone.


  • (Pro) As I mentioned the full keyboard is a great feature to have.
  • (Pro)The scroll wheel on the side is great for email and the web
  • (Pro) Web browsing is much nicer on this device because of the display.
  • (Con) I have found myself hitting way too many keys when wanting to just go back a screen, the keys need a little more feel
  • (Con) Windows mobile 5, the new os 6 is out but not available yet for this phone.
  • (Con) Power cord, Samsung decided to use a proprietary connecter rather than the standard usb to phone connector.  That means all the cords and chargers I have won’t work.


  • Right now I thrilled that the phone part is better than my last phone
  • (Pro) reception and signal are better with this phone than my last.
  • (pro) sound quality and speaker phone are great, I am able to talk with the windows down in my car and people can hear me.
  • (Con) size, the phone is a bit wider than my last and I am working to be comfortable holding this thing to my ear.
  • (Con) Battery life, when I have used the phone (calls) the drain on the battery is pretty quick.  I now know why they give you 2 batteries when you purchase this thing, the extended battery is a bit bulky.

So after 1 week I am smitten with the BlackJack and feel that is was a great purchase.


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