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Well my previous phone Cingular 2125 died on me over the weekend.  I was without a phone for a few days.  What a horrible thing.  You realize how dependent you are on a cell phone when it is your only means of communication.  I travel from client to client frequently with my job and my office phone goes days on end without me ever talking on it.  I also work from home and my cell phone is the only consistent thing I have for my job.  

Over the weekend my phone decided to not pick up the network (Att) even when it had a full signal (5 bars).  On Monday I called ATT for some help, after a few tests the TEch told me that it was probably an issue with an antenna.  Even though I had full signal strength.  Even though I did not believe him I tried a few other tricks.  Put another sim card in my phone and it had the same results.  I was then able to put my sim card in an older phone and have all my contact info and at least make calls.  So I chalked it up as a dead phone.  Since it was over a year old there was no warranty.  Att was very nice in saying that I could get a new one with a new 2 year plan if that was what I wanted to do.  

So I just signed my life away again to Att and now have a Blackjack (Blackjack).  I will post after I have had the thing more than 24 hours.  So far it is a nice phone.  I do miss having my small candy bar style phone. 

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  1. I recently purchased a Blackjack as well. I have grown to love it. Keep us posted on your thoughts. The one thing I will warn you about that I hate is the unlock feature. You have to turn it on (out of standby) then do a soft key and then *

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