Month: September 2007

Thinkpad – T61

Well I am writing this on my new Thinkpad T61 widescreen.  Since our home got struck by lightning and I lost our home computer I had the opportunity to purchase a new laptop.  So I decided to go with the brand and type  I love best. (Thinkpad) This new T61 is fantastic. It is so much better than my work machine.  …

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Code Generation – Nusoft Framework

The company I work at NusoftSolutions has released it’s Nusoft Framework as open source to Code Plex.  This  is an extensible business and data layer framework.  It uses codesmith templates to generate the code. Check it out and see the ease of use for starting a project

Country Account balance

I saw this post on digg and just had to share my thoughts.  America is negative savings.  Wow, this is a shocker.  I mean in a country where the majority of people are in debt.  The average income in Kent county is 51k and the average new car / suv cost is 30k ( in 2005). We live in a country …

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Hard Drive Crashes

It seems i’m not the only one who has had some data loss recently.  I read an article this week about a guy who lost his data while moving and had a list of tools and things he used.  Here is an article from lifehacker on the same topic. Just keep your data backed up.

Laptop is back

I just got my laptop back. New hard drive, number four. New motherboard. They (the dell team) think that it is a mother board issue (could be power or connections). If this happens again I’m never going to do dell again. As aways the first thing to do on Vista is to turn off UAC the worst thing ever started on …

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What to stock your Bar with?

I was researching a bottle of Rum for a friend and realized that I did not know of any other than “The Captain”.  Even though that is my favorite, I did not know of any better brands. In the process I found a few lists of what are reported as some the best of each type of spirits. I have …

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Windows Apps

Here is one of the best freeware lists I have seen in a while. I use a majority of the items on this list.  I would however prefer notepad2 to any other text editor


I just read this article  comcast is turning off people for using too much bandwidth.  I seem to remember the sales pitch to me.  Unlimted bandwidth and some crazy speed (5 MB).  I just remember telling the guy I did not care about the bandwidth since most sites can’t give me 5MB of content.  All I wanted was low latency… …

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Dead drive again part 4

The drive in my Dell d820 went dead again on Friday.  Do I have a backup yes.  Is it recent. NO.  Was I backing it up before it died (yes) just like before.  I hooked up the backup disk (an external usb drive) and started the job.  I noticed I did not have much space on my external drive and started …

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