I just read this article 

comcast is turning off people for using too much bandwidth.  I seem to remember the sales pitch to me.  Unlimted bandwidth and some crazy speed (5 MB).  I just remember telling the guy I did not care about the bandwidth since most sites can’t give me 5MB of content.  All I wanted was low latency… the poor kid on the phone did not understand me. 

 What upsets me about this is the fact that I really do use my internet connection, and  do use a lot of bandwidth. 

1. Surf web (download songs, movies, etc)

2. VOIP – this is not a real bandwidth hog all the time but I have QOS and the highest setting to get good calls (more upload than download)

3. Backups – I backup and connect servers and laptops to my systems at home every night. I have my parents stuff and some work stuff that just drop to an ssh share for backup.

4. Streaming tv – I use beyond TV to stream live tv to my computer when I want to watch something on the road (world cup, notre dame games, etc..)

5. Stream Music – I send my MP3’s where ever I go.

So my router / firewall is always telling me I have a lot of traffic coming and going.  I would like to know that comcast is ok with my usage.  However, they do not broadcast what if any is too much usage.  Hey, I purchased a 5MB pipe. Shouldn’t I be able to use all that.  (HE, HE) we all know the real answer.  They don’t expect anyone to use that much and also expect 5MB to server 100’s of people. My mom and dad have high speed.  But mainly for surfing and email.  They just need to quickly surf the web, they are the people who the cable networks make their money off of.  NOT me.

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