Thinkpad – T61

Well I am writing this on my new Thinkpad T61 widescreen.  Since our home got struck by lightning and I lost our home computer I had the opportunity to purchase a new laptop.  So I decided to go with the brand and type  I love best. (Thinkpad)

This new T61 is fantastic. It is so much better than my work machine.  At work we use Dell d820 (I’ve gone through 4 drives in mine).  Over all these are 2 comparable machines (wide screen 15.4, duel core, 2 gig ram) however the think pad wins hands down.

My thoughts

1. price (I priced the dell vs the thinkpad similar components) the dell was about 600 more expensive

2. reliability – this thinkpad created to last, just by feeling the case you can tell.

3. Size – the thinkpad is smaller and lighter

4. Heat – first think I noticed was that the t61 runs quiet and cool.  My dell will fry your lap if you set it there, this t61 is very cool

5. Keyboard – boy oh boy did I miss the feel of an Ibm keyboard.  It is so easy to type.

6. track point – I love the track point, my hands never leave the keys, even to move the mouse.  And Lenovo has it down, three buttons and one is for scrolling

So as you can see I am thrilled with this new box.   I will have to update in a week.

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