I don’t like itunes

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For the record I use itunes, I just don’t like it.  It does things that I just don’t like and don’t need.  For example, I have to use itunes to put music on my ipod.  I happen to have a lot of music and typically just rotate music on and off.  It seems lately that itunes has been updating their software frequently.  When itunes updates it then pops a user agreement window.   That would normally not be an issue, but it seems that this agreement happens to pop behind all other windows, so you can’t find it.  I sit and wait for itunes to open so I can move files and it never shows.  You also never see this prompt in the task bar.  Also, there is no need for a audio playing software to take almost as much memory as Internet Explorer.  As I type this and not even using itunes just have it open it is taking 50 meg of ram, and somewhere near 13% of cpu. 

For a day to day audio software I use foobar2000.  It is small, has playlists, key controls and is easy to use.

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