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I currently use the Samsung Blackjack from ATT.  I really do like this phone but have a few issues with the technology.  For some reason Samsung decided not to use a standart USB plug to charge the phone, they have their own connector.   Also, they decided that you can’t charge the phone using usb power unless you are 1. hooked to a computer with activesync 2. the battery has some charge.  This is just stupid, I can’t use another computer or my car usb adaptor.  

Currently I am at a point where I find my Blackjack a required item to take with me.  It works as a laptop when I can’t travel with mine.  It allows for internet access when in remote areas.   The only issue I am having is talk time and battery power.   The main item I am missing is WiFi.  So I hope that Att steps up or that I may find a t-mobile account more affordable.   I just saw the new blackjack 2 is on it’s way.  I hope they fix the issues http://www.samsungmobileusa.com/blackjackII/


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