Input Devices

Since I have been using my Thinkpad more frequently at home for coding and any work while at home. I realized how much I love the Thinkpad trackpoint (red dot – eraser thing). What a great layout, I am much more efficient with that then the Dell version (Latitude D820).

To make switching easier I went out and purchased a new mouse for the Dell. I had been looking for another cordless one since my last cordless one ran out of batteries. It would go through them about every month. So I had gone back to a corded mouse. That is until I ran across a post on engadget about a new logitech Nano mouse for laptops. It had a very small usb element and could stay in the usb port while traveling.

So I purchased it. Logitech Nano VX By far the best mouse I have ever used.

After enjoying the Nano wireless mouse for my laptop I decided to purchase another logitech Mouse and Keyboard set for my desktop at home.

In the last 3 weeks I have gone to all wireless keyboard and mouse for all computers except for the trusty Thinkpad. I’m just going to have to keep a charge on my re-chargeable batteries.

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