Tools I use online

Every day you hear of people using online tools, word processing, lists, etc… Well I figure I should share what I use.  My favorite items.

1. Tadalist – – I keep my daily todo up there to reference any where I am.  They give you a direct link

2. Google Docs – – I am not saying that this will replace MS word.  But it sure will allow  you to store that document you always use in a single place.  I have a expense sheet I keep – gas, food, etc. and I can update it anywhere I have a connection

3. – The easy way to read your feeds

4. Mail – / – my two favorites

5. bookmarking – Google Bookmarks – easy simple and quick

This is just a small sample of what I use, but I find these are open the most often.

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  1. Very helpful links, thanks. I’ve wanted to check out the Google documents for a little while.

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