What OS do you run

For years you had a only one option for an OS on your computer, Windows. Well there have been some exceptions over the years (Unix, OS2, vax, etc..) but for your typical user it was just Windows. Machines ordered (dell, hp, etc…) all came with windows. This has changed in the last 3-4 years, people are starting to realize that there are other options. I don’t see windows going down in market share for a while, it’s hard to shift corporations from running a solid platform. But, I do see home users starting to make a shift away from Windows. This is due to a few factors:
1. Cost (Linux is free)
2. Useablity (MAC Leopard) is really easy to use and has a simple interface.
3. Performance (the new version of vista is a hog)

These factors may lead to a shift in how people select an OS.
I use a few different OS’s in my computing.
Linux – home secure server (SSH, vpn, file backup, all around tool box)
Vista – Laptop
XP – desktop (all around work horse machine)
OS10 – MAC

While writing this I came across this post for a MAC ad (VISTA)

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