Month: December 2007

IIS Reporter – New Version

I have been a little behind on my releases of iisreporter. I had a commander edition ready to go before some technical issues and source control issues slowed it down. Currently a alpha build is in works for a IIS7 version of iisreporter. I want to roll in the commander features into this release. What will those features be. 1. Multiple …

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sync your calendar

I love technology. I have a smartphone, outlook email, gmail and paper to keep my tasks and meetings. I use a calendar all the time. I use my work calendar as the primary and the rest on and off. I have often thought of syncing my calender with my google calendar. I have not found a good solution. I just read …

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This makes me laugh

I just saw this labeled as “The least used page on” (LINK) How to uninstall Linux and install XP.


A tool I use often is called Microsoft SyncToy. They recently came out with a new beta version

Adobe Air iPhone

One of my friends has just got his name mentioned on (one of the blogs I read daily). Joe has developed an application called the AIR iphone. It allows you run an iphone emulator from your desktop. The (URL) If you are interested you can just jump on over to joe’s blog (