Blackjack and windows Mobile 6

I have been very happy with my smartphone (cingular blackjack) however there are a lot of people who are not. When I got my phone in August the sales team said an update was coming for windows mobile6 (the os). I was excited for this since I understood that wm6 is much faster and more stable than the existing wm5. I started watching the forums at ATT for the update and then realized that there are some really unhappy people out there. It appears that ATT has been promising this for a long time but has not communicated or updated anyone on the progress
If you look at the form above it is really interesting to see how people can get mad.
Instead of waiting I decided to grab a Leaked ROM for wm6 that is availble all over the internet. It is basically a beta release from Microsoft to ATT. A few people are working on this rom to make it work well.

The end resolve is that the WM6 version of the OS is faster, better on the battery, better looking and has not crashed yet. It was well worth my 30 min to find the ROM and install. Even though I am not supported by att any more, I think I can handle it.

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