Broadband providers – just don’t get it

AT&T just said that it may filter internet content. Right on the heals of comcast getting sued for a few billion dollars (that will never go through). But what I am seeing is that providers do not get it. Filtering content (bittorrent or P2P) is not the solution. I do understand that the more bandwidth people use the more it costs the providers, but filtering is not the way to go. The bandwidth hogs now are video, p2p, and bitttorrent, but in the future it will be other things. For example, VOIP (2 lines at your house, one for parents and other for kids) then it will be IPTV (your television).

Imagine that you are getting ready to watch the superbowl on your 70inch plasma tv and your IPTV cannel cannot provide a signal to fill the screen (think of a youtube video) because they decided to limit (filter) the rates the day of the superbowl.

So in my eyes filtering is not a solution. Bittorrent is not the issue, but just a service that is being singledout because people use it. As people become reliant on their broadband connections (I already am) this will become more of an issue.

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