Month: February 2008

I need to go solid-state

After my not so trusty dell d20 laptop decided I needed another hard drive inside of it, I realized that I should go with solid-state hard drives. It could by my frustration with the machine I have (dell mentioned earlier) but why do hard drives have to be the main point of failure. So while a scrubber program is running on …

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Give me online space

Skydrive is giving you 5gigs of data. Backup, share, and push your data online. I currently use Mozy and I-drive for backup. But skydrive allows you to share files.

End of analog Cell Phone service

Next week we will no longer be able to use a “bag phone” or at least an analog one. They are turning off most of the networks. I’m not sure too many people are going to notice. But some companies are very interested in this. Home security systems that were installed may run off analog, hard wired cell phones (emergency …

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In the normal world of business when you start your business people may use the term “hang out a shingle” , in other words open for business ( Well the group I am part of a nusoft just launched our placeholder site and we are getting ready to “hang our shingle” It’s not much now but a place holder. So …

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I have not used msndirect before. But it was recently released for the phone. Windows Mobile phone to be exact. So far it has been good.

ISP and bandwidth

I’m going to keep on this topic. I was watching crankygeeks ( which I download on tivo. An the group was talking about ISP and traffic filtering. It was an interesting conversaton. For starters, I think John did not really care about the matter. But what I did get out of it was a few people who have my same feelings. …

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New baby girl

Helena Diana joined our family on Tuesday Feb 5th at 10:53. At 8lbs and 1oz standing (rather laying) 20 3/4 inches she is the 3rd member of the team. mom and baby are doing good.

The future – one device

I have rambled for years that it will come down to a device, one device that you take with you. Something like a phone, a camera, or watch. but one device that will contain your (computer, communications, information, and $$). We are getting close every day. Phones that are camera’s, MP3 players, have a browser and contain your info. Where we …

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share you competition

I got an email from a friend that sent this on to me. This business shares their competitive knowledge and also their competitors. What an interesting idea. It says we are truthful, honest, and just want your business.